The Naked Lunch

Curated by independent theatre producer Jo Danvers, who has worked with directors Michael Grandage, Phyllida Lloyd, Josie Rourke and Joe Wright, and actors Tom Hiddleston, Sir Derek Jacobi, Jude Law and Eddie Redmayne, this is your chance to enjoy lunch during a Live Literature performance, in which Jo uses actors, dancers, sound artists and the senses to transport you into the future. Once there, you will have a chance to see, hear, taste, touch and smell the future as it might happen, and learn about how literature can be used as an imagineering tool or scenario-planning technique to kick-start innovation.

During the lunch, you will eavesdrop on some of the big issues that brands, businesses and society are debating, including:

: Artificial Intelligence – and what it means to be conscious
: Beyond GM – using synthetic biology to engineer food, drink, fabrics and people to be better, different and more adaptable 
: Big Data Culture – and how it is changing our relationship with the public and private realms
: The Self(ie)-actualisation Society – new shifts in self, gender and status, and how we define ourselves today
: Climate Change or Collapse – if we have reached the point of no return, what will happen next?

You won’t choke on your Huel protein, but you will find yourself eating it very, very slowly.