Disruptors’ Labyrinth

We have spent the past decade showcasing the innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs that have radically altered consumer and business landscapes. In our embryonic Disruptors’ Labyrinth, our Insight team will introduce you to our Disruptors’ Top 20 – the next-generation names that have been tipped by The Future Laboratory and our panellists as tomorrow’s Uber, Airbnb, or Google. Our team and panellists have identified start-ups and early-to-market entrepreneurs that sit across industries including retail, luxury, food, drink and eco-energy rather than traditional start-ups from the world of apps, the internet and algorithms.


Huel is a new UK start-up that has launched a nutritionally complete powdered food. Huel contains all the protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals that the body needs in a single product, and is a healthy, inexpensive meal replacement for busy consumers. To date, Huel has sold more than 2m meals to more than 40,000 customers worldwide.



POSTmatter is a magazine that examines modern life and culture in the digital age. It also operates as a creative studio that develops immersive experiences that open up new possibilities for engaging with the screen. Founded in 2010 as a series of independently published editions for the iPad, POSTmatter was designed with the interactive potential of tablet devices in mind.




Toast Ale is the UK’s first beer made using fresh, surplus bakery bread. The ethical brewery was launched in January 2016 by Tristram Stuart to combat food wastage in the UK. Each bottle contains one slice of bread that would otherwise have been discarded, and all profits go to environmental charity Feedback, which aims to end food wastage globally.



Intaglow’s eye-catching, magical and immersive holographic displays are designed to stop people in their tracks. Its innovative digital solutions are designed to help clients interact with consumers in new and exciting ways.



Frienji is a new augmented reality app that lets you meet, chat to new friends around you. Your Frienji is your personal floating emoji, that lets you choose to tell the world who you are right now. When you release your Frienji, it flies around you and can be discovered by anyone nearby.



We will not prey upon the paranoid, the bereaved, the credulous, the wide-eyed, the weak or the inbred, but in return we ask you proceed with an open-mind. Séance is an otherworldly experience that uses innovative 3D sound to transport participants to another realm. The performance lasts for 15 minutes and takes place in absolute darkness. Séance is the third performance by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, the creators of Ring and Fiction.


Biocol Labs

Biocol Labs is a contemporary and independent laboratory focused on the needs of modern men and women that traditional healthcare cannot fulfil. It was founded in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the aim of making chemicals redundant through natural science. Welcome to the post-chemical society. Feel free to stay for ever.



Pavegen’s flooring technology has evolved from a single floor tile that converts energy from footsteps into electrical power to a multifunctional flooring system that is poised to power the data-driven smart cities of tomorrow. Each tile is equipped with a wireless application programming interface (API) that transmits real-time movement data analytics and produces power when and where it is needed.


Appear Here

Based on the concept that renting commercial property should be as easy as booking a hotel room, Appear Here’s mission is to make retail space accessible to everyone. Hailed by The Guardian as a ‘digital game-changer for the high street’ and listed as one of Wired’s 100 Hottest Start-ups, Appear Here has become the go-to destination to make innovative and creative retail ideas happen.


Face Gym

Face Gym is the original non-invasive facial workout and the UK’s only gym studio for the face. Its face trainers perform a range of face-lifting and sculpting techniques with warm-up, cardio, strength and cool-down exercises designed to visibly tone and tighten muscles, leaving you looking fresh, glowing and lifted. All you have to do is sit back and let them do all the hard training for you.




Vollebak is the world’s most experimental adventure brand. It creates cutting-edge experiments and high-performance adventure sports clothing using insights and discoveries from fields as diverse as neuroscience, physiology, material technology and space exploration.



Neuro is an innovative fashion label founded by Clément Balavoine that reflects on and examines the present and future landscape of the fashion industry. Its digital-only design process, which uses a mix of advanced 3D software and technologies from the video game and film industries, enables designers to create hyper-customised garments digitally, and aims to transform how the industry produces, promotes and sells clothes. With its futuristic, unconventional approach, Neuro gives a rich insight into the fourth industrial revolution and suggests that is has already begun.



Seedlip is a market-disrupting range of dry, sour, bitter and savoury drinks that aim to ‘solve the dilemma of what to drink when you’re not drinking’. Founder Ben Branson has repurposed the medieval apothecary for the modern age, using copper stills to capture the essence of the finest botanicals. Seedlip are now available in a range of bars including the Chiltern Firehouse and The Savoy. The brand’s non-alcoholic spirits draw on natural ingredients such as peas, hay and spearmint, and are designed to pair well with tonics. They present a solution for discerning consumers who want to avoid alcohol and sugar, and who appreciate attention to detail in their cocktails and apéritifs.


Keiichi Matsuda

Designer and film-maker Keiichi Matsuda’s work examines the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment. He presents his concept film Hyper-reality, a provocative and kaleidoscopic vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged, and the city is saturated in media. Shot in Medellín, Colombia, it vividly portrays a scenario in which virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things and wearable technology have converged to present new possibilities and change the way that we perceive the world.


Pamm Hong

London-based visual artist and designer Pamm Hong presents Watermelon Sugar, a speculative app that visualises a user’s browsing history as a digital organism. Like a Tamagotchi for analytics, it paints an intimate picture of a user’s online consumption, mediating their relationship with data and technology in a playful way. Her Digital Wellness Lab concept enables people to diagnose their online habits and receive a prescription to improve their digital wellbeing.


Arctic Shores

Arctic Shores helps companies to attract and retain a new generation of talent that has been brought up on instant messaging, social media and mobile gaming, and is disrupting the recruitment sector with its game-based psychometric tests. Traditional personality testing is often undermined by participants’ self-deception and anxiety. With the adage ‘actions speak louder than words’ at their core, Arctic Shores’ game-based assessments collect data on how job candidates instinctively respond to situations to measure cognitive processes such as resilience and problem-solving. The assessments aim to remove unconscious bias from the selection process and help employers to make more informed decisions.


Another Space

Another Space is a design studio established by the founders of United Visual Artists (UVA) to develop unique collaborative projects with selected fashion and premium consumer brands and performing artists. The studio gives UVA a platform for greater collaboration through which it channels experience in innovation and creativity to solve design, communication and technology challenges.