Join us in London on 12 October 2016 to unearth insights on the key forces driving consumer behaviour and industry shifts, along with strategies designed to ensure your brand’s permanence. From radical keynote presentations and influencer panel debates to expert-led workshops and inspiring activations, the event will be carefully crafted to challenge and inspire, shock and provoke, and most importantly, to provide you with practical take-home instructions on how to implement impactful and sustainable change.

Why Attend?

Imagine if you could glimpse into the future of the consumer landscape. What would you see? How would you do things differently? How would your competitors react?

As a consultancy renowned for its insight and innovation work with numerous FTSE 100 clients, we want to help you tackle three key issues:

  • Innovation – and how to do it more effectively
  • Disruption – and how to manage and embrace it more strategically
  • Future preparedness – and how to ride the tides of incoming consumer and technological change in ways that are profitable and meaningful

The presentations, panel discussions and expert-led laboratory workshops will be designed to examine these key areas so that at the end of the event you and your colleagues will be able to:

  • Understand and implement the key Mega Forces driving and determining tomorrow’s competitor and consumer landscape
  • Equip yourself with the techniques and lessons needed to innovate products and redefine your category
  • Connect with the innovators, thought-leaders and next-generation disruptors who can help make your future happen


A mix of influencers, innovators and creative thinkers that are already challenging the future and reaping the benefits have been selected to show you how to effectively implement disruption across a range of sectors.

Luke Robert Mason

Director, Virtual Futures

Panel discussion: Trans-humanism and the possibilities of tomorrow

Meticulous about panel moderation Luke joins the Global Futures Forum line-up as a curious curator tasked with uncovering the nacent ideas that exist between speakers, their beliefs, ideologies and how ideas merged with changing technological shifts can change our collective futures.

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Baroness Susan Greenfield


Keynote: Disrupting the Brain: The Sunshine and Shadows of the Innovative Mind

Baroness Greenfield is one of the most compelling thinkers in today’s rapidly evolving field of science. Here she’ll explore why the light and dark shadows of your thought processes must be used collectively to unleash ideas, forge solutions and cut new pathways to the future.

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Nicholas Oliver

Founder, people.io

Panel Discussion: Tech and the art of innovation maintenance

Nicholas received the 2016 NASDAQ Rising Star award for his work on people.io, an app that enables users to earn money by sharing their data with brands. User control and privacy are central to the experience, which aims to facilitate the transition of data ownership from companies to individuals.

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Claus Sendlinger

Founder and CEO, Design Hotels

Panel discussion: Cross-cultural innovation

Claus joins other innovators from the worlds of retail, alcohol, hospitality, food, luxury and automotive to examine how innovations in one sector can be used to drive and dominate thinking in another.

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Martijn Bertisen Global Futures Forum

Martijn Bertisen

Sales Director, Google UK

Talk: Disruption, innovation and continuous on-going change

In other words, why disruptors never sleep. As sales director at Google UK, Martijn is in charge of developing the brand’s e-commerce initiatives and strategies. Here, he discusses his learnings and reveals how they can be applied to other brands and disciplines.

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Jo Danvers

Independent theatre producer and general manager of Runaway Entertainment

Naked Lunch Performance

Jo has spent 12 years creating world-class theatre in London, nationally and internationally. She joins us to produce and curate our Naked Lunch event with her Live Literature project – where actors, performers and sound artists bring some of the best and most controversial science and speculative fiction to life

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David Rowan

David Rowan

Editor, Wired UK

Keynote: The Great Disruptors – Learning from their Past Successes

David has taken 120 flights in the past year alone to investigate the entrepreneurs who are transforming our world, and here he will tell you how they’ve done it and how you can emulate their success.

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Christopher Sanderson

Co-founder, The Future Laboratory

Keynote: Tomorrow’s Mega Forces Unleashed

The forces that govern tomorrow’s business opportunities are complex, global and ongoing. Thankfully, Chris will be on hand to help you identify drivers and pinpoint opportunities before they pass you by.

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Melissa Dick

Melissa Dick

Editorial director, Style.com

Disruptor Panel: Collaborative Content Futures

Melissa will discuss how and why direct-to-purchase content is revolutionising the way we shop, retail and communicate lifestyle products as more and more retailers become content-driven commercial sites.

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Jonathan Sands

OBE, chairman, Elmwood

Disruptor Panel: The Art of Innovation and Design Effectiveness

Or should that be innovation in design effectiveness? Elmwood has won 370 creative awards globally, and Jonathan will explain how you can future-proof your products through customer-centric design.

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Tom Savigar

Senior partner, The Future Laboratory

Keynote: Tomorrow’s Mega Forces Unleashed

Tom will be joining forces with The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson to examine the Mega Forces set to affect strategic business decisions. With a particular passion for the emotional connection that people form with brands, he will explore how you can create loyal, life-long customers.

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Ben Evans

Director, London Design Festival

Disruptor Panel: How Design Enables Us to Plan Tomorrow’s Scenarios Today

Design – and the creatives who do it – are all about fashioning the future in ways that enable the rest of us to see what our collective tomorrows will look, taste, sound and feel like. Allow Ben Evans to remind you that anything is possible.

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Nicolas Roope

Nicolas Roope

Co-founder and creative partner, Poke

Disruptor Panel: The Life and Times of a Serial Innovator

Disruptors such as Nicolas often talk about light bulb moments, and he is one of the few people we know who has developed one, so what does this tell you about innovation? Here you’ll find out.

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Stefan Siegel

Stefan Siegel

Founder and CEO, Not Just a Label

Disruptor Panel: Black Sheep - And Why the Herd Instinct Damages Innovation

In nature, black sheep, like black swans, are rare. But not in innovation, as one time Ernst & Young, Oppenheim and Merrill Lynch executive Stefan reveals.

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Tracey Follows

Chief strategy and innovation officer, The Future Laboratory

Keynote: Planning for Future Change - Trends, Insight and the Role of Planning in Future-proofing your Brand

How prepared is your business for future change? Tracey will look at the role of planning in making your brand, business or product future-proof.

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Joe Coppard

Joe Coppard

Co-founding partner, Another Tomorrow

Disruptor Panel: The Ultimate Innovation Engine

A facilitator, curator and cultural disruptor, Joe and his colleagues at Another Tomorrow will show you how to blueprint the future and unveil the exciting tools you’ll need to do it.

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Martin Raymond

Co-founder, The Future Laboratory

Keynote: Disruptor Trends and Their Part in your Future Profits

Author of The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook, Martin will reveal how you can identify trends and use them as part of a strategic innovation process.

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More speakers to be announced

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Mainstage Agenda

A day of influencer keynote presentations, panel discussions, disruptor pitches, innovation labs and activations held across five spaces and a subterranean labyrinth where you can network with tomorrow’s innovators and category-changers.

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Think! Listen! Talk! Do!

Other Stages Agenda

In addition to our main stage attractions, there will be lots of activities throughout the day elsewhere at the event. Our strategy and activation teams have been working with key partners from the technology, theatre, performance and hospitality sectors to ensure that you have a chance to collaborate, learn and debate ideas in an atmosphere of mutual enquiry, fun and focused thinking.

Opportunity and Innovation Labs

A quick, sharp, down and dirty way to boot-camp you and your team through a project that you are keen to develop, or an innovation methodology you would like to learn and apply to future work. Led by our Strategy team and other innovators, it is also an opportunity to gain invaluable access to our futures experts. Group and individual spaces are free with a ticket, but must be booked in advance.

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Disruptors’ Labyrinth

We have spent the past decade showcasing the innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs that have radically altered consumer and business landscapes. In our embryonic Disruptors’ Labyrinth, our Insight team will pay homage to these and introduce you to the next generation of names to put your money on.

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The Naked Lunch

‘You were not there for the beginning. You will not be there for the end. Your knowledge of what is going on can only be superficial and relative.’ So says William Burroughs in his seminal book The Naked Lunch. In our version, while you eat one of our power brown-bag lunches, we will introduce you to a series of extracts from books, plays, poems, dance and performances where questions about the future have already been tackled.

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Your Visit


Located in East London’s technology and creative playground of Shoreditch, the Town Hall is a Grade II-listed Victorian building just a short walk from Old Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street stations, which are all easily accessible from London’s various airports.

Shoreditch Town Hall,
380 Old Street,
London EC1V 9LT

Food and Drink

Brain booster snacks, brown-bag lunches, super-food smoothies and hyper-health-cocktails will be served throughout the day, so that attendees can maximise their thinking and minimise their girths without feeling hungry in mind, body or spirit.